After Care

For years our staff at Moss Funeral Home has been dedicated to provide for each family that we serve the finest funeral service care. We have extended that same service, care and concern to the loved ones and families after the funeral and beyond.

An Aftercare Program was incorporated into our service in 1997 and is a routine service to the families we serve. Our aftercare providers are Mrs. Ruth Lager and Mrs. Sylvia Henken.

Our program includes follow-up care, telephone and home visits, information on grief management and coping skills, a referral grief group for peer support and program of community network resources.

Ruth or Sylvia call on our families to explain the program and services available through the funeral home. If you would like to speak with them before that time, please call the funeral home at (618) 526-7144. It is our goal to provide superior service during the loss experience and to extend that same service to the bereaved after death.

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