Cremation is a form of disposition. It does not restrict you from having a visitation, open casket and a funeral service the following day. It is even possible to have a procession to the cemetery for a committal service. We offer a traditional funeral service followed by a cremation.

Direct Cremation is when there is no funeral ceremony. The deceased is placed in a refrigeration unit until the proper paperwork has been completed, and the necessary permits are obtained. Then the body is placed in an cremation receptacle (container) and transported to a crematory. The cremation chamber is heated by gas jets. Then the cremated remains are placed in a urn and ready to be buried, placed in a niche, or be taken home.

In times of grief, all your questions and concerns are important to us. In fact, complete information and referral counseling is one of the many services we offer to the community. We welcome your questions, either by phone or in person.

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